Mission Slum Cleaning

Program Highlights
Most of the slums in India have unhygienic living conditions. Mission Slum Cleaning Program is a community based program. The program is designed with a belief that only people living in slum areas can change the existing unhygienic conditions in slum. The program targets Delhi Slum Community.

Program Methodology
1. Make people aware, living in slums about importance of Cleaning and linkage between Health & Hygiene.
2. Develop & increase local people efforts in their own Slum Clean up Drives.
3. Encourage corporate sector to sponsor Slum Clean –up Drives.

Program Activities
a. Awareness Building - Through community talks, meetings, mobilizing SHGs and Nukkar Natak, people will be made aware of many health hazards due to dirty Slums.
b. Forming Groups & Mobilizing People Efforts – Small group of women & children will be formed, who can actively participate as changing agents. They can involve more people in this mission.
c. Monthly Slum Clean Up Drives – Distribution of Soap, Brooms, Gloves & Common dustbins. All participants will be involved in cleaning of entire slum area.
d. Cleaning Of Slum Public Toilet – Companies can sponsor for this initiative.
e. Arrangement of Clean Drinking Water – Companies can sponsor for arranging Daily Water tanks for slum people.
f. Regular Slum Cleaning Checkup - On regular basis proper inspection will be done to check whether people are maintaining their Slum or not.
g. Withdrawal - Once it is ensured that people are sensible & responsible enough to keep their area clean, we will withdraw from the said Slum and will adopt another slum.

Join & Support
1. Corporate
We need your support for undertake Slum Clean up Drives, The Drives can be run by your company name.

2. Individual
As volunteer you can join for Slum Clean Up Drive.